1.Mix up different patterns and prints.

Utilizing more than a single design can help turn a basic scheme into a more interesting vibe. You can apply the same exact pattern all throughout, but it’s crucial to go for different colors behind the headboard, so it can serve as your focus.

2.Build a gallery wall.

Do you want to renovate your home in order to create a gallery wall? A reputable architect company in Malaysia can help you make everything easier. Make a statement above your living room sofa by grouping photo frames to build a gallery. Link the prints by theme, keeping a single style of artwork, or the same exact color frames for a more co-ordinated outcome.

3.Decorate your interiors with lush indoor plants.

House plants can make a positive difference in your home design. Give a garden room or conservatory a fresh feel with lots of foliage with botanical fabrics. Feel free to combine relaxed linens with those cute garden-inspired accessories like watering cans.

4.Purchase industrial style elements.

Set up an urban, edgy look by combining touch materials like galvanized metal, concrete, reclaimed timer and painted enamel. This is a strong statement, so mix it with neutral-colored walls.

5.Use good lighting to define a certain space.

Clever home lighting techniques can work wonders in an eating space. Consider the kind of style that you want to pick carefully. If you choose to utilize clear glass, you will be given general ambient light. This can work well when paired with frosted bulbs.