So, you’ve passed your country’s bar exam and you are now qualified to work in a law firm. You want to make sure that you work in an institution that not only pays you good salary but also a good one that will help you develop your character as well.
To help you choose the right law firm for you, I’ve compiled some useful tips. Read on to find out what they are.

Consider the Size of the Firm

Not all law firms are created equal. There are those that are sized just right and there are those that specialize in a lot of different areas.

Although some fresh law graduates are drawn to medium to large-sized law offices, choosing one solely for that purpose is not the best approach to take.

Sure, the pay is pretty good in such firms, but you will also be working in a lot of cases and for the most part, you are given plenty of cases more than you can handle.

A smaller firm, albeit not too big on salary, may provide more growth for character development and it may help you hone the skills needed to become a very good attorney.

Do You Want to Practice in Just One Field?

Just like law firms, not all lawyers are the same. There are those that would specialize in only one or two fields and there are some that take on a jack-of-all-trades approach.

You have to decide for yourself which path you’re going to choose. I suggest that you take on as many different cases as possible so that you will know exactly what you want.

For instance, you can take on divorce cases at first. If this is not your thing, then proceed in taking on some criminal cases. If this doesn’t suit your personality, then you go for ones that involve taxation and business law, and so on.

I cannot answer which one is right for you; it is your responsibility to be immersed in those cases so that you can decide which one you’re ultimately going to pick (assuming that you want to specialize in one field that is).

What is the Culture of the Firm?

The culture of the law office you’re going to work for is equally very important as well. You want to work in an environment that will not only help you grow in your career as a lawyer but you also want to work in an office where you can get along with your coworkers as well.

Some questions worth asking yourself would be how competitive the law firm is, what sort of people typically work there, what things are expected from the employees, how long am I required to work each and every day, among others.

Will This Law Office Help You Advance Your Career?

On average, people change jobs anywhere between ten to twelve times. Since you’re going to be an attorney from this point onward, you have to think about this for the long-term.

When choosing the right law office for you, you have to ask yourself if this particular institution will help you grow as a lawyer. Will it provide you with the experience that is needed to become a well-rounded attorney? Will this help you develop your character?

Who Are the Clients?

The answer to this question will typically revolve around the size of the firm. Most large law firms commonly interact with equally large organizations as well. If it is a relatively small law office, then your clients will mainly be private entities or persons