Baby toys not only help keep your baby entertained but there are also those that either supports them in certain ways (by helping them crawl) or even help them discern certain sounds, priming them to start talking.
Whatever it is, there are certain toys that are apt for your baby to use and in this article, I will go over some of the best ones that you can buy today.

Manhattan Toy Whoozit Baby Stroller and Travel Activity

This is a perfect accompaniment to your baby’s stroller. This add-on may look like a weird toy but it does things that your baby will surely love.

When they press the red-nosed character, it produces a certain sound. If they shake it a bit, the insides will rattle and produce a sound that they will like. If your baby wants to have a glimpse of themselves, the toy also has a mirror that they can safely use.

Since babies tend to be fidgety and if this toy gets dropped, it can easily be washed as the materials are great enough for easy cleaning.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

If you are accustomed to long car rides but your baby isn’t, then you may want to buy this amazing musical toy. This toy comes with a few presets that your baby can play on their whim. It plays bright and colorful tunes that will surely keep your baby happy and preoccupied during your long car travels.

It is powered by two AA-batteries and you can rest assured knowing that this toy is BPA-free. This toy has actually been touted as one of the best out there simply because both adults and babies like it.

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and 1St Blocks Bundle

This toy is perfect for whenever you want to hone your baby’s fine motor skills. The toy is actually a bundle. The first one is the Rock-a-Stack which encourages your baby to stack the colorful rings based on their size. The rings are shaped from small to big and when stacked correctly, will create a cone-like structure.

The other toy encourages your baby to sort and match the toys based on their appropriate shapes. The box has circle, square, star, and other cutouts and your baby just has to align the pieces to insert them inside the box. Once all of the blocks are in place, they can simply just drop them again to start over.

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

This highly-innovative book can help your baby learn how to read and improves their speech development as well. It has six classic nursery rhymes programmed in and when it is on its default setup, music will play when your baby turns the pages.

There is also an option where the book will utter the words that are on the page itself so that your baby will be accustomed to hearing certain words, thus improving their speech and word recognition.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Baby crawlers are a huge no-no if you want your baby to learn how to walk. Before they can walk, though, they must first know how to stand and there is a toy that can help them do that.

This toy by Baby Einstein provides your baby with a stable base that supports them when they’re standing up. And, when they do stand up on their own, it gets incentivized because there is a bevy of different buttons and switches that they can play with that produces certain sounds based on the tunes that are programmed within.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Now, this is not a traditional baby walker, but this is certainly one that can help them give some support when moving forward.

Babies can use this while they’re sitting as they are greeted with a lot of different buttons that they can press and play with. If they decide to stand and start walking, there is a handle that they can hold onto for support.