There are a lot of things to consider when designing your ecommerce website in Malaysia, but the main thing to consider is the experience of your shoppers should be as smooth as possible.

Navigation on your product page

The most essential feature of your site is your product page. So it goes without saying that the navigation of your product pages has to be easy, simple and clear. Customers must be able to browse and search for specific products with ease and as efficient as they can.

Implement a search feature

This is a powerful feature which not only helps customers locate items faster, but also keeping them from leaving your site due to frustration. Your customers already have an idea of what they are looking for, and if they find it is difficult to browse your inventory, they would leave. Avoid this by highlighting your search feature which they can utilize and make it much easier to find what they want and simply proceed to checkout.

A good shopping cart

All ecommerce sites need a shopping cart. It is what customers use to list the items that they want to purchase before proceeding to checkout. The shopping cart contains information of the items customers want to buy including prices, number of items, and total amount of purchase that need to be paid.

Product features

This should be placed right at your home page where you can highlight the products that you want the customers to notice first. It could be the new arrivals, features items, items on sale, etc. One tip to do this is, to create a slide show to feature multiple items.


Sorting and Filtering of products

Having this feature greatly enhances the convenience that the customers can get by quickly locating the specific requirements they are looking in a product. Implement filters that sort items by prices, size, color, product, gender, etc.

Quality product image

One of the most important factors to the success of online stores is having high quality product images. Customers can’t physically check the product when shopping online, so they rely mainly on what they see. It is crucial to place high resolution pictures with the option to zoom in on the product. Include different angles of the product as to increase the confidence of the customer in purchasing the item. These images must also be complemented with complete and detailed product information as this will be their basis before purchasing from you.


The initial success of your business depends on how well you can implement these tips and features so that you can give your customers a great shopping experience.