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6 Event Management Tips to Increase Productivity and Minimize Stress


Even the best Events Manager isn’t immune to the stress that the work brings. There planning and event seem to never be enough time and something will always definitely go wrong. Everything you can do to prepare and be efficient help to lessen the stress from planning events.

Tip 1: Stick to the budget

Creating a budget and making sure to stick with is critical when it comes to
planning events. Utilize technology to find what works best within your budget and grant you
the highest returns. It is also recommended to have a backup plan included into your budget to prepare for things that go wrong. Allot 5-25% of your budget for backup plans.

Tip 2: Organize your workplace and your time

Good working habits helps with great events planning. Schedule your day to
day, clear and organize your desk and take a break from time to time. You’ll
have extra energy and focus when you allot some time for yourself to rest.
Also, anticipate last minute requests from your clients or suppliers and allot
part of your day for the unexpected.

Tip 3: Pick a good venue

Choosing the right location can either make or break your event and your
stress levels. Of course you want to provide an unforgettable experience for
your client, but make sure that the location that you choose is trustworthy,
safe and simple to deal with.
Also, look for venues with perks that can lessen your burdens like free
seating, catering included, with lights and sounds, etc. anything that can
help you simplify your job.

Tip 4: Lessen last minute changes

Managing events requires you to handle and coordinate a multitude of
people – consultants, sponsors, suppliers, talents. Last minute changes can’t
be avoided, but you can discourage them by placing penalties if suppliers or
talents cancel, by adding a deadline for any changes that they might want to
make and enforcing a date where no supplier is allowed to back out

Tip 5: Deal only with detailed contracts

Contracts from both you and your partners should be as detailed and
transparent as possible to avoid speed-bumps in the future and possible
headaches. Especially when it comes to the costs and payments, ask for full
quotes that include hidden charges if any and tax as well.

Tip 6: Use Social Media

Let social media do the marketing for you. Utilize the latest trends of posting
online to get the word out there. Take advantage of Facebook, Instagram
and Twitter to post videos, vivid photos of your promotion and send out
quirky Tweets so that your followers can share it with their friends.
Customize your posts according to what you need.