1.Your hair might look dull.

Moms who just gave birth might experience problems with their hair. At some point, your hair might lose its luster. Experiencing hair fall after giving birth is normal. Just make sure to use organic skin care and hair care products.

2.You will feel emotional.

Pregnant women, as well as women who just gave birth, can be very emotional. One day, you are having fun buying baby bibs in Malaysia, and then the next week you are dealing with breastfeeding problems. According to research, up you 80% of new moms feel irritable and weepy after giving birth.

3.Keep your stitches clean.

If you had perineal stitches, you need to keep it clean by using either plain water, or bathing water with warm salt. In order to reduce discomfort, some women would prefer not to wear undies at home. Also, keep in mind that sex may be uncomfortable and painful at first.

4.Expect your breasts to grow larger.

Your breasts will obviously appear bigger than usual–much bigger than they were when you were pregnant. After delivering the baby, a message is sent to your breasts, indicating that it is time to begin producing breast milk.

5.Your vagina will be bruised and swollen.

If you just had vaginal delivery, expect your vagina to be bruised and swollen for a few days after birth. This may appear unusual abut it’s normal. Just use cold packs to lessen inflammation. Wearing organic pads and underwear is also possible.

6.You would lose weight during the first week.

Since the baby just got out of you, your weight would go down. In the first week, you are likely to lose between 4 to 6 pounds of water weight. This is the result of improved perspiration and urination. If you are breastfeeding, then expect to lose more weight.