We are visual creatures in the sense that we respond more positively to visual cues among our other senses.

That being said, as an app maker, creating an app with to match the needs of your consumers is key. To know more about which design elements you need to make use in your app to make it stand out, read the rest of the article.


  • Think of the Color Scheme


As said earlier, we humans respond more to visual cues. This means that the color scheme of your app is important.

You want to use bright colors so that it grabs the attention of the user. Furthermore, you could use dual-tone colors or you could also opt for a monotone option to make things simpler.


  • Font Style is Important


When your app involves a lot of text, it is important to note what font style you’re going to end up using. It has to be a font that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it also has to be clear.

Fonts such as Sans Serif and Arial are both good choices. Just make sure to read the text first using different font styles so that you will know if you need to change it or not.


  • Card-Integration is Good


Part of why Google’s own Material Design is widely used is because of its “Cards” system. Basically, different functions of your app are presented to users in the form of cards. This is not only functional; it also provides users with that added aesthetic appeal. Integrating the card system is a good choice.


  • Keep Micro-Interactions in Mind


When developing your app, it must be able to communicate with the popular social media sites that people frequently visit like Facebook and Twitter. Allowing them to share whatever it is that they want from within your app is a good thing to have since it will make your consumers happy.


  • The Overall Design Should Be Pleasing


There are plenty of design options to choose from. However, for you to stand out, you have to choose the design that is functionally good and also pleasing to the eyes.

Take inspiration from the aforementioned Material Design. Google has implemented this on their Android platform and a lot of people actually like how it is structured. It makes use of different layers to segregate the different parts of the menu.

Although you do not have to completely follow the Material Design, take it as an inspiration to develop yours.


  • Include Animations as Well


Making sure that your design is simple and visually-pleasing are a must. However, you can also include some form of animations. If you could incorporate such and have them be functional as well, then that would be great!


  • Employ Strict-Compliance When It Comes to Security


When designing an app, employing everything that I have said thus far is crucial for it to stand out. Although that is usually the case, you have to bear in mind the security aspect as well.

Your app must adhere to the strictest security standards and consulting with your team about it allows you to know what information to put into your app when it is done.