SEO is an evolving science. Each and every year, the search engine giants are finding new ways to refine their algorithm to make it more secure while also improving their accuracy to find the best websites that can help satisfy the user’s query.

That being said, SEO also follows certain trends, and these trends themselves have received quite a lot of change in recent years causing online marketing services to have to change the way they tackle SEO.

Here are some changes that are currently impacting SEO as we know it:

1. Shift to Mobile

One cannot deny that many people are shifting towards mobile when it comes to accessing the internet. Therefore, as a website administrator, it is your job to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. If you employ measures to achieve this, you’re surely going to be rewarded for your efforts.

2. Unique and Original Content

In the past 10 years, people have been using some shady tactics in the hopes of getting a better ranking. This can be anywhere from link scheming to the overuse of their chosen keywords.

However, search engines have become smarter than ever and they now penalize websites that do some or all of the black hat SEO strategies that used to work before.

It is also currently a good time to create your personal brand. As a writer, you need to come up with a brand and base your content on that.

For instance, if you are a writer that specializes in business, centre your content around that topic so that whenever you make content that talks about such a subject matter, you’re going to be established as a “trusted” content creator.

3. Better Caching

Caching, in essence, is the act of saving some of your page elements on a person’s phone or computer to make it more accessible the next time they visit.

Although caching has been used a long time ago, there is now a push for AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages that will enhance your site’s loading speeds, especially when viewed on a mobile device. This, in turn will boost your SEO rankings.

4. A More Personal Tone

With the emergence of voice searches, content that is deemed as “conversational” or used in a more “natural tone” is much more favoured than the ones that feel too animated.

5. Site with Authority

Users are typically changing the way they use search engines. They no longer merely ask for more information; they’re using the platform mainly to help answer their specific questions.

That being said, if your website happens to aggregate amazing answers- one that has a lot of “meat” to them- you’re going to enjoy much higher page rankings since it will most likely be one of the featured posts in the SERPs.

6. Security is a Must

With the ever-increasing threats that can be gotten from some online sites, it is now more important than ever to implement SSL procedures to ensure people that your website is secure and free of any malware and other harmful scripts or programs.

7. Rich Multimedia Experience

We leave all of the days of purely written content behind and we welcome, with open arms, articles that have relevant multimedia content embedded in it.

Doing so will entice people to digest your content even more than just relying on your text.