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8 SEO Tips and Tricks Anyone Can Do

Search engine optimization may sound very complicated, but it can be manageable even for beginners to make the best seo marketing. If you want to widen your knowledge on SEO, you just need to learn simple tips and tricks to improve your website page rankings on SERPs. Below are some points you should focus on.

1.Research on different keywords and competitors.

Keyword research is important to efficiently implement an SEO strategy. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an SEO expert to be able to know what keywords are perfect to use. You can utilize free tools such as SEM Rush to know which keywords are related to your services and products.

2.Check the number of outside websites linking to your pages.

External links are significant factors in determining whether your web pages rank on Google’s first page, or hidden under the competitor’s search results. Typically, the web pages linked by outside websites are likely to be seen by different search engines as the most important and relevant.

How can you determine your web pages’ popularity through the amount of external links? Sign up for useful tools such as Ahref. It can give you different results for domains, depending on the quantity of the links on your websites, and whether they are authoritative.

3.Reach out to influencers to promote your product, service, or other content.

To maximize the power of your online presence, explore the digital strength of influencer marketing. Big and small companies can leverage on this. Working with influencers is an effective approach, if you want to promote your business’ product or service, and expand your online reach.

Some bloggers and influencers are paid thousands for every single post. However, if you don’t have enough budget for this, you can get hold of their attention by offering free services and products in exchange of their sponsored posts or reviews.

4.Utilize keywords in the most important parts of the web page.

On-page SEO is optimizing some parts of your website is boost page rankings. Make sure to choose the right keywords in every significant aspect of your high-ranking web pages. This can communicate to  search engines that your original content is highly relevant to the keyword searches.

5.Automate your social media posts.

You may be an SEO beginner, but you can make your routine easier just like any other SEO expert. Automate your posts on social media. Schedule your content ahead of time, so you can be on your followers’ radars all the time, and sustain your high engagement. There are various reliable platforms and tools that you can use to do this.

6.Monitor your performance through an SEO analytics platform.

Is your inbound marketing strategy focusing on social media marketing or on-page SEO? Whatever your focus is, you can use an SEO analytics platform to monitor your marketing strategy’s performance and outcome.

One of the reliable platforms you can use for this is Google Analytics. If you want to know where your web traffic is coming from, this comprehensive platform can tell you that for free. You can also track key trends in web traffic visits, and polish your inbound marketing tactics.

7.Create customized, shareable photos.

You need to choose the right captivating images to attract your target audience. They make your inbound marketing content worth sharing, increasing the external links in your website and your follower count on social media. Again, you don’t need to be an expert in this field to produce amazing images. You can use programs such as Canva or Photoshop to make banners and infographics in the easiest way possible.

8.Use Alt Text for keyword optimization.

Make sure to follow SEO best practices. Insert the keywords at the alt text section of the webpage. This will not only improve your SEO, it will also help those who are visually impaired to understand your page contents.