DIY touches

Every modern wedding has remarkable personal touches. This is the reason why you should stamp you and your partner’s personality on every wedding detail, from wedding favors to bridesmaid gifts.

Family talents

Tap into the amazing talents of your friends and family members. Check if there is anyone in your circle who can make your wedding cake, or can do your make-up and hair on your special celebration.

Alternative catering services

Instead of settling for a reputable, popular caterer in town, you may want to hire local caterers with extensive experience. This is a good way to keep your special day carefree, fun and within budget.

Gatsby glamour

If you have some additional budget, add a beautiful firework display in the program. A firework display with an amazing bespoke name firing twist is the best finale to every party. You should also check if there is a bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur that offers Gatsby-style gowns.

Floral savings

Beautiful wedding flowers like red roses are great to have, but it’s not really necessary. Some couples settle for a more economical choice like paper flowers. If you really want to use fresh flowers, go for local suppliers.

Fund raising

It’s possible to make your wedding budget a bit bigger by selling some of your old stuff. All you need to do is post the images on eBay.

Off-peak discounts

Ask your wedding venue about off-peak packages, as well as late availability deals. You can make huge savings by booking these amazing deals. Why not choose a weekday instead of a weekend or holiday?