Ever since online casinos were a major thing, the effects of gambling have trickled down
to the online gaming industry as well.

In today’s article, I will go over the ways gambling has influenced the online gaming
industry, in general. Trust me, this article is going to be very interesting.


Since the start of the online casino revolution, major players in the community would
sponsor major sports teams in an effort to gain popularity. This move has actually
helped online casinos immensely since, after doing this, the industry’s player base has
skyrocketed as a result.

The online gaming industry has done the same thing. They take sponsors that are
already well-known and are established in their respective industries.

For instance, basketball games would partner up with the Jordan brand of sneakers to
help elevate their presence online.

In-Game Purchases

When players would want to continue playing at an online casino, they would have to
purchase new coins that can be done when they use their credit cards.

Well, the same principle is also applied in games as well. Take Overwatch, for example.
This massive multiplayer shooting game provides users with the avenue of buying loot
boxes that contain random items that they can use on certain characters, depending on
which items they get on every box.

Players can get free skins, spray paints, emotes, and many others just by opening these
loot boxes. Now, a player can acquire loot boxes by leveling up, but the problem is that
since it is a multiplayer game, players would have to spend hours and hours to gain just
one level to get just one loot box.

Blizzard, the company that made the game, followed what the gambling industry did and
allowed players to buy loot boxes based on certain price tiers.
The randomness of it all is considered gambling, despite the continued efforts by the
company that it is not what it seems.


eSports is growing in popularity every year. Games like CS:Go, Dota 2, League of
Legends, and other online games have amassed countless players to join in for a cause.

Think of eSports as similar to sports- with the main difference that players would just
use online means to compete in a simulated arena.

So, how did online casinos influence the eSports industry? Well, the industry also
allowed in-game purchases where players can buy items that improve their gameplay manifold.

Game Developers

Lastly, online casinos have also influenced game developers as well. Most of the new
games that come out would require online connectivity so that they can sell loot boxes
and other goodies to players that are willing to spend money on them.

Gone are the days where games are being sold by paying money upfront. Nowadays, it
is either that the games are free to play or that players would spend money to buy the
game with the notion that in-game purchases are still a thing.

As you can see, the online gambling industry has really made a huge impact on online
gaming as a whole.