The Unbelievable Truth About Las Vegas

What is the truth about the Sin City of Las Vegas that are so famous as it has it own online platform at online gambling malaysia? Can you differentiate myth from reality?

1. Tipping in Las Vegas makes a huge difference.

Fact. Would you believe that in a Vegas restaurant, you tip in order to get a table? If you want a bigger, better table, then you should also improve your tips. Tips are your tickets to an excellent service. In fact, several casino employees have special codes for tippers. If you are a big tipper, they call you “George.”

2. Tipping won’t get you everything in Vegas.

Las Vegas

Fact. A huge tip won’t land you front row seats for big shows. These are usually reserved for comps and high rollers.

If you want seats for a top concert, you should understand that sometimes, it can’t be given to customers in line. Not for any amount of tip.

3. Celine Dion makes more than $1 million in a 5-day work week.

Fact. For Celine Dion, it only takes a few days to earn a million dollars.

4. The MGM Grand did junk the Wizard of Oz theme because Asian tourists believed it was bad luck to walk under a lion.

Fact. According to Asian belief, walking towards a lion’s mouth is bad luck. They had to change it, since a big part of their clientele are Asians.

5. Barbra Streisand had the toilet lids at the MGM Grand removed in the name of hygiene.

Fact. This is true, and she is not the only artist to do that.

6. When Barbra Streisand played at Las Vegas, employees were not allowed to look her in the eye.

Myth. Of course, you can look at her in the eye.

7. In Las Vegas, there are more breast implant operations than in any other city in the world.

Fact. This is primarily because of the show girls.

8. Roy Horn died during the 1980s. He was replaced by his look-alike cousin.

Myth. This is not true.

Las Vegas

9. The tiger that injured the aforementioned Roy was, in fact, trying to help him offstage during his 2003 performance.

Fact. When Roy fell, the tiger grabbed his neck, and tried to drag him off the stage. It’s true that it was trying to help him.

10. During his last years as a madman recluse, Howard Hughes stayed at the top of the Desert Inn.

Myth. This doesn’t make any sense.